Inner Space

siteheaderInnerSpace is an exploration-heavy flying game currently in development for PC, Mac, and Linux. Set in a world where physics are inverted, the player flies in a spherical world surrounded by water, where gravity falls away from the center.  InnerSpace has both been successfully KickStarted & Greenlit.  It is currently in-development. (read more)


furball screencap

Furball is a 4-player competitive party game. Made in 48-hours as part of a game jam hosted by the SGDA UT Dallas. Take the role of one-of-four very sleepy kitties, fighting over the beds scattered throughout your living room.  (read more)



Best Overall winner of “Dallas Society of Play’s Halloween Horror Game Jam.” Find your way through a labyrinth where things aren’t quite right.  Music spiraling downwards as you search for meaning or a way out of this hell.  WhiteWall is a first person adventure game- use WASD to move and left-click to interact. (read more)


shroud screenshot Created in one semester and the first time PolyKnight Games collaborated. Colorful and stylized, solve puzzles using two characters simultaneously. Push the limits of your coordination and do so with limited resources.  (read more)

Castor & Pollux

castor&pollux2 Created in one semester, during which two of the core members of PolyKnight Games first collaborated.  C&P is an asymmetrical platform puzzler, in which two players collaborate using entirely different controls and characters.  (read more)

Scarecrow Fire Hoedown

The product of a 48-hour game jam, Scarecrow Fire Hoedown is a game about Sketch, a simple scarecrow on a long journey from the small town of Corntown. Combining simple controls with challenging platforming, SFH is a fast, fun, and comedic platformer. (read more)