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On Exploration…

We’ve described InnerSpace as an exploration flying game. While the latter half of that description is apparent, the definition of “exploration” is slightly more ambiguous. In order to give insight into what the experience of InnerSpace will be, we... read more

The Science Behind InnerSpace

Editor’s Note: The following post is written by a friend of ours, Justin Sipes. Justin’s currently pursuing a degree in chemistry from the University of Texas at Dallas. For every fictitious universe there are natural laws that must be applied or relaxed... read more

Low Poly: Confined Infinity

It used to have a negative connotation. If something was low poly, people often overlooked what might be good about a game. I think this misconception originates from the idea that low poly was once synonymous with bad graphics, a game meant for a low-end machine, or... read more

InnerSpace Screenshot Saturday #1

This week, we finished up our shaders (water, metal, and stone), did some work on our level of detail, blocked out and started on our new plane, and finished some models for civilizations that will be found throughout the game. We’ve started pushing hard... read more

Designing Backwards, Staying Coherent.

Warning: Programmer art ahead. Bar the orange backgrounds, made by Eric Grossman. What we’re talking about I swear it isn’t as scary as it sounds There are two core words I’ll be throwing around throughout this post: Concept and Mantra. Concepts are... read more